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Agriculture / Farming Solutions


  • Authentitrace is market leading produce traceability software
  • Proven track record. The software has been used to tag and trace billions of cases of fresh produce
  • Meets or exceeds the requirements of most National and International standards
  • Ability to generate govt. reports and full compliance with current and in process standards
  • Interoperability to ensure upstream and downstream data exchange
  • Ability to capture vast array of data
  • Flexibility to deal with all type of produce as well as packing facilities
  • Detailed reporting for risk management, compliance and for managing/ improving operations

Authentitrace Premium

  • Includes complete functionality of Authentitrace and a number software modules and tools to manage and improve entire operation
  • Comprehensive Supply chain, Receiving and inventory management software
  • Hardware integration of equipment such as weighing stations, printers, scanners and RFID equipment
  • Real time view of inventory
  • Batch Processing and Yield Management
  • Tools to improve yield and reduce waste
  • Order Processing and Shipping
  • Tools to forecast, manage demand and plan production

Boss Series

  • Boss Series solution has been specifically developed to target waste and reduce shrink and claims throughout the value chain
  • The solution allows any perishable produce to be segregated and categorized based on product specific parameters
  • The solution has the ability to match specific product to specific orders/customers.

As a result:

  • Different prices can be charged for different categories of product.
  • The premium part of the product can be sold at premium prices
  • Every customer receives a consistent product and is less inclined to claim shrinkage

Industrial / Warehousing Solutions

Work Process

  • Work Process is a highly flexible state of art solution to optimize and improve manufacturing and warehousing operations
  • The solution is available as a cloud based offering as well as local intranet deployment

The system is composed of several modules:

Supply Chain & Inventory management module

  • Real time tracking of inventory throughout the Supply Chain
  • Ability to track WIP (work in process) inventory through a number of sub suppliers
  • Real time update of inventory flow through a number of suppliers and stages
  • Built in receiving module to receive WIP or Finished inventory from suppliers
  • Complete ordering and procurement system (to order parts of finished goods) with automatic flow through to cover multiple stages
  • Supplier Data base management
  • Comprehensive Internal inventory management with real time asset tracking
  • Detailed reporting and analytics to forecast delivery times, supplier performance, on hand inventory optimization etc.

Processing and Yield Management module

  • Ability to handle continuous and batch processing
  • Real time monitoring and analysis for continuous processes
  • Integration with vast variety of control and PLC equipment
  • Lot creation for various products
  • Generate labels for the finished products
  • Associating lots/batches with raw inventory
  • Associate packaging material
  • Hold/Release products
  • Waste Management
  • Yield Management
  • Monitoring and tracking quality of various batches
  • Monitoring and tracking yield efficiency in relation to raw material and other parameters
  • Analyzing impact of various suppliers on efficiency and yield

Order processing and Shipping Module

  • Complete customer management including prioritizing various customers
  • Allocating finished inventory against various customer orders
  • Real time view of finished and WIP inventory for sales optimization
  • Complete tracking and analysis of all orders including forecasts
  • Ability to categorize inventory (e.g. high grade, medium grade etc.) and auto assign higher grades to high priority customers
  • Creating truck loads for single or multiple drops
  • Identifying specific pallets/cases/units for specific truck loads
  • Ability to optimize time sensitive inventory based on travel times
  • Shipping document generation/BOLs etc.
  • Comprehensive set of tools for sales forecasting
  • Sales force can be empowered by providing any level of information such as existing orders, inventory situation etc.
  • Comprehensive tools for demand planning taking into account existing orders, forecast, inventory and lead times etc.

Reporting and Analytics module

A variety of pre- packaged reports covering:

  • Raw and finished good inventories
  • Batches, Yields and wastage etc
  • Orders and shipping status
  • Ability to create any custom reports

Analytics; Long term Plant, ERP and Inventory Data is archived and analyzed to improve efficiency:

  • Analyzing per line production; identifying lines with lower efficiency
  • Analyzing labor usage on per line basis and identifying areas of improvement
  • Analyzing energy usage (on per line basis) and identifying areas to improve energy usage
  • Analyzing and tracking any other variable

Brand Management solutions

VU Solutions has developed a comprehensive set of solutions for customer to manage, protect and build their brand image

  • Product Quality Tracking based on direct customer feedback and trend analysis
  • Direct to Consumer Marketing with Loyalty Programs and Consumer Analytics
  • Product Authentication based on sophisticated serialization and validation algorithms

The Brand Management solutions have been built upon sophisticated technology components such as:

Non sequential Mass Serialization:

  • Intelligent and highly flexible Algorithms to accommodate various standards
  • Sophisticated Encryption to deter misuse
  • Flexibility to provide ease of printing and input by consumers (Variable lengths)

Seamless/Easier customer Interaction

  • Ease of use for consumers to connect
  • Flexibility of direct data entry, custom apps or use of any commercial smart phone reader
  • Custom apps with Technology to improve read rates

Advanced and customizable portal

  • Highly Customizable portal with ability to offer a variety of loyalty programs
  • Push technology to reach out to the customer base with emails, texts and notifications
  • Location based information allowing detailed analysis of customer behavior

Reporting and Analytics

  • Sophisticated analytics for quality assurance as well as consumer marketing
  • Detailed reporting for operations, marketing as well as management teams
  • Long term trend analysis providing valuable information about product quality and consumer trends

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Solutions

VU Solutions cover all stages of Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Including Manufacturing, Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution and End Point (Retail or Hospitals etc.) Inventory Control thus providing visibility and control to manage entire end to end Supply Chain including the Cold Chain component

1. Manufacturing

Globally, standards have evolved into a system called “Item level Serialization” where each item is coded with unique serial number. This simplifies the ability to track, trace, monitor or authenticate any pharmaceuticals.

The GS-1 standard is widely used, however, it is not a failsafe measure. Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are a global concern. Counterfeiters duplicate GS-1 codes allowing them to introduce counterfeit, ineffective medications into the supply chain.

To attack the counterfeiting problem, GS-1 codes are combined with other proprietary coding which are associated with the GS-1 codes. Vu360 solutions seamlessly associates these codes. For the management and storage of pharmaceuticals, temperature-controlled storage is also used.

2. Transportation

Transportation challenges are complicated in the pharmaceutical industry. Temperature monitoring, theft, counterfeiting and diversion are problems plaguing the supply chain. Temperature control and monitoring is key to ensuring efficacy of medications.

The ability to track and trace medications during transportation allows companies to reduce theft and diversion. Track and trace technology also greatly reduces counterfeit medications from entering the supply chain as medications can be verified once they reach intended healthcare facility.

3. Warehousing and Distribution:

This stage involve several areas as following

a. Receiving: This step includes product tagging (using RFIDs or barcodes). This step will especially be important in the case of implementation for the Ministy of Health since earlier part of supply chain is not in place. This will allow each case/pallet to be identified with information such as product name/type, manufacturer, expiry date, storage conditions etc.

b. SKU Management: Information about each type of medicine needs to be stored in the database to cross reference storage conditions and expiration dates etc.

c. Storage: Warehouse need to be divided into zones and each case/pallet stored in proper zone. Each zone needs to be monitored to maintain proper conditions. Vu360 state of the art monitoring includes thermal imaging.

d. RFID-based Scanning: This level of scrutiny can prevent theft and human errors including shipping the wrong material.

e. Order Processing: Material can be assigned to work order but instead of normal first-in-first-out scheme, more intelligent algorithms based on expiry date and other parameters can be used.

f. Shipment: RFID readers at shipping doors can make sure that the right material is shipped against different work orders etc.

4. End-Point Inventory Control and Management

The Vu360 Solution is fully capable of being extended to end-point facilities, such individual hospitals, while maintaining full centralized control. The system can be expanded to hospitals and other healthcare facilities to ensure proper receipt and inventory control.

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